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Wildlands welcomes new federal funding to protect more nature in partnership with Indigenous Peoples

December 7, 2022 Wildlands League’s Executive Director Janet Sumner issued the following statement today in response to the federal government announcement in Montreal:

Wildlands League welcomes the commitment by the Government of Canada and philanthropic community to invest in conservation led by Omushkego people. This could be a game changer and deliver long lasting conservation and reconciliation outcomes. 

We’ve seen mines come and go and local people saddled with disrupted and fragmented ecosystems with few long term benefits. Innovative investing in Indigenous people directly to secure globally significant ecosystems makes a whole a lot of sense to me.

Securing the peatlands here, part of the second largest peatland complex in the world, is vital to a securing liveable planet including a safe climate. There are immense biodiversity values that as Canadians we can all be grateful to the leadership of the Omushkego in safeguarding.

See the Mushkegowuk Council release here.

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